Sunday, March 6, 2016

A Break in the Northwest Storm Parade

Finally able to leave the confines of the Portland metro area for a few days, we headed to the wilds of the Olympic Peninsula. Knowing there was going to be a series of storms marching through, we were prepared for rain and wind inside our trusty cabin on the shores of Lake Crescent.

With a break coming in the storms, we headed to the Pacific coast. My wife read her book in the River's Edge Restaurant in La Push (lovely setting, friendly people and nice food) while I headed to Second Beach. Been coming here for 40 years, revisiting the beautiful and ever changing familiar features, as well as discovering new and unexpected beauty.

With a building wind and incoming tide, I headed north towards Quateata, the final headland on this beach. The sun was already low in the sky at 3p. Had some nice sun and interesting darker clouds. Scattered on the beach was an array of well worn sticks. I loved the remorseful, bone-like features randomly strewn on the beach.

Bone like sticks on the sand
Shifting patterns with each wave
 As the tide approaches and the sun appears and reappears, present new water and cloud patterns. The wind is now approaching 30 knots from the south.

The "bones" are now washed into the sea
Waves of Clouds
Time to find some shelter from the wind, so headed into the wind to a favorite resting spot.
Pools and Sculptured Rock
A brief clearing and some sun gave some hope of a colorful sunset, but it was short lived as the clouds quickly moved in. Another wonderful time at the dynamic and beautiful Pacific coast.