Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A Busy Spring

Wow, certainly been away from my blog for awhile, but have had a very busy 3 months. Getting out is always a pleasure, and I have found time to shoot, primarily in the Columbia Gorge, at the Oregon Coast and in the Olympics.

The Northwest has gone from the colds of winter. Snows greeted the end of March in the Olympics, all the way down to sea level. Quiet, restful days of roaming the rainforest, surrounded by beautiful moss and drippy sounds in the stillness.

A Fresh blanket of snow and storm clouds

The Oregon coast did not experience too many strong storms this spring. Some days were remarkably balmy and beautiful, with warm, strong offshore winds. 

Sunset near Cape Falcon

Spring came a bit later to the Columbia Gorge. It was quite wet, with quantities of snow and rain filling the streams and waterfalls. Spring also came in fits and starts, but the Balsamroot and Lupine made quite a fine show near the end of April.

 Beautiful Cirrus clouds with Balsamroot and Lupine