Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Winter Storm at Hug Point

Large storm waves are a grand attraction on the Pacific and can make for drama and also danger. These are not really "sneaker" waves in this context. It's simply a continual powerhouse of surge, current and beauty. These waves are so large they actually break on the reefs far off shore, so the ocean has the appearance of a gigantic washing machine of chaos.

One of my favorite places is Hug Point in all weather. No tourists dragging their coolers and umbrellas at this time of year. It's also high tide, so the dynamics are in full swing.

My main "position" is approaching the beautiful falls of Falls Creek from the highway, descending wet vegetation and mud. This platform before the creek makes it's final leap to the beach is roughly 15 feet high. A great view but can, at times, feel like it is not high enough. Occasionally there are logs perched on the ledge at the top of the falls, and then swept away.

Surging water from the north
The drama of water surging, tossing logs like they are matchsticks, shows the power and beauty of water.

Surging water from the south
Transforming clouds, changing their shapes and patterns.
The sun peaks through the maelstrom
A much higher platform and a grand view of the waves and their power.
Safely above the turmoil

The waves full force