Tuesday, September 20, 2016

One Day Misty Oregon Coast Workshop in Oceanside

Greeted by misty conditions, we rounded Maxwell Point with lots of surf, a deserted beach and nice sand and rock areas at low tide. The beautiful sea stacks were playing hide and seek in the morning fog.

Carol Enyart, ©2016
Moving water around the rocks was one of themes, and using slower shutter speeds to capture it's motion. A bevy of gulls and cormorants were in the air and on the rocks.

Birds and Sea Stacks. Andrew Kaplan, ©2016
As the tide returned and the fog lifted a bit, the scene changed to more blue skies and sun, bringing with it the throngs who were escaping the heat of interior Oregon. We headed to Roseanna's Cafe for a very nice lunch and a window seat.

After lunch we visited Will Dixon and his gracious wife Betsy in their lovely home perched near a cliff on overlooking the Pacific at Cape Meares. Will is a master wood carver who often works in the traditions of the Native Northwest woodcarvers, as well as carving some of his own lovely imaginary creations. He is also and noted author.

Will Dixon. Kira Bartlett, ©2016
Will is a fountain of stories, so he related some of his experiences with working with tagging raptors, as well as telling some of the famous NW native legends that inspires his carvings. He also graciously provided shortbread crab cookies he had made that day for us.

We then headed to the Bayocean area to explore the beach and the cliffs on the north end of Cape Meares. The persistent fog finally came ashore to this lovely beach, but we were treated to some beautiful light before the fog descended.

Cape Meares Mist, Katrina Gustafson, ©2016

The advent of seeing a sunset was not be, as the heavy fog moved in. After a very busy day, we decided to have a relaxing evening inside!

A collection of participant photographs from this workshop can be seen here>>