Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Stopping in Port Orford

We wanted to check out a few places that looked interesting, but were rushing, on our way to somewhere else.

On our way back from Harris Beach we stopped in Port Orford. Port Orford has a unique way of harboring their fishing fleet. Every evening, because they don't have a protected harbor, they use large hosts to store their vessels on shore.

There are usually lots of sea birds around, waiting for the tasty scraps.

Lifting another vessel for the evening

A fisherman is sorting these great looking Black Cod. They catch quite a variety of fish here, and sell much of their catch overseas, mainly to Japan and Asia. Since they have smaller vessels, they have done some specialization for their markets.

Sorting Black Cod by weight

A Photographers Dream : : Seal Rock State Park

Seal Rock State Park was made for photographers. There is something for just about everyone here. Soft sandstone banks in sharp relief with a long spine of basalt rock outcroppings. Rich with birds and sea lions offshore, there is much to take in. After viewing from a pleasant platform overlooking the north beach, a short walk to the south reveals the south beach and a large rock (Elephant Rock) with hundreds of birds nesting and soaring.

Clearing Fog and colorful Elephant Rock

Pigeon Guillemots love the sides of these rocks, and there were quite a large number of them resting. Their feet are especially colorful.

Pigeon Guillemots

The next day the north beach looked interesting to explore. It was a gray morning, but the sun made a most welcomed appearance and stayed for some hours. A rock shape in the beach had a strange human-like form.

Vague human rock form in the sand

A little further south, a nice pool was forming as the tide came in.

Looking north
In another tide pool just behind where the shot above was taken, a number of Guillemots were hanging out, so out comes the 300mm lens. Just as I was getting some settings ready, there was quite a sight, with two guillemots appearing to be sparring with each other. Although not ready, I managed to get a few photos. It was very interesting, and over in seconds.

Guillemots sparring