Thursday, October 1, 2015

Lunar Eclipse Beauty

In hopes of capturing some interesting color with the red moon, the hills and view of the Columbia River from Coyote Wall seemed liked a good choice. The weather was ideal. A warm, gentile breeze blew over the dry grass. A few mountain bikers and hikers were in this open and spacious area.

There was quite a bit of haze at lower elevations, with the moon slowly revealed itself as it rose in the growing darkness.

Columbia River with Lyle, Washington in the distance
It was quite a lovely sight. The deepening blues of night with a few stars appearing. An appealing aspect of these eclipses is, because of the shading, the moon appear to be a nice round ball.  The lights of Lyle, Washington added a nice warm shade of lights.

Darker sky with deepening color

Later, as the shadow of the earth moved away from the moon, the light returned to one side, making a very interesting orb in sky with stars and and meteors.