Thursday, August 22, 2013

August Workshop at Oceanside and Cape Kiwanda

Morning fog greeted us as we gathered at Oceanside for a long day of shooting and enjoying the beautiful Oregon coast.

Low tide and mist at Oceanside

Quiet and waves with the sea stacks as Frank sets up
Ever changing patterns of waves running through the rocks was enjoyable to watch and capture.

Tai getting the shot! Thanks, John
After an enjoyable lunch at Roseanna's Cafe in Oceanside, we had a long review session and discussion before heading south to Cape Kiwanda.

Cape Kiwanda is a very busy place, with all kinds of activities on the beach. We were lucky to see the fog had lifted revealing beautiful clouds and intermittent sunshine. As evening approached, we had the Cape pretty much to ourselves. It's an ideal place for beauty and photography.

Walking the beautiful sandstone cliffs with Tai. Thanks, Frank

John and I take a moment in the beautiful evening light.
 Thanks for all who attended. Participants photographs can be viewed here>>