Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Cape Kiwanda Reminising, Summer, 2012

Having planned a workshop in August, 2013 in the Cape Kiwanda area, I was reviewing some of the beauty there before the workshop and also my trip to the red rock in the Colorado plateau near Moab, Utah. The wind and water sculpted sandstone here reminds one of other areas of the west. Another fantastic feature is the unusual wave patterns that form and disappear. Caves, sand, shore birds and trees make for a photographers crayon box.

These photographs were all taken within 3 hours of each other. Sunshine and blue skies were quickly inundated by fog and cold, not an unusual occurrence when it's hot inland.

Just before the fog rolled in

Fog for subdued shadows and a neutral density filter make for longer exposures of the water. Tripod essential here.

Unusual waves at sunset with Sea Anenomes waiting under a rock for their next meal

Where sandstone and the Pacific meet