Monday, July 27, 2009

Second Beach in July

Another fine day greeted us for an afternoon visit to Second Beach, near La Push, on the Washington coast. With afternoon light and clearing fog, color photography with Black and White output seemed to make sense. This unusual tree-covered sea stack there is generally where I head first, especially with an incoming tide!


The rocks in the sand have been an attraction for years. It's never the same, and the light and waves constantly bring new possibilities every visit.

Advancing Tide and changing light

Tim searching for 5 pieces for the "design" competition. Find and arrange five pieces.

Clearing fog and low clouds revealed beautiful cirrus clouds. The polarizer brought out more constrast and color for this shot down the beach. Looked like a strange creature in the sky. We had to leave before sunset, but it looked like it was going to be a good one!

Afternoon around Hurricane Ridge

It's always a pleasure to return to the Olympics, and, on this last occasion, sharing of a place and cuisine with friends.

Mt. Carrie and Mt. Olympus from Hurricane Ridge

After not seeing them for nearly 25 years at Mt. Anderson, one unexpected surprise was a mountain goat and her kid near Mt. Angeles. After a controversial and protracted extraction process to transfer these non-natives to the Cascades in the 80's, the goats are making a slow comeback.

Nannie Goat with radio collar

A nannie goat and her kid marched right past me, not 20 feet away. Not great portraits, but fun nonetheless!

Kid goat following