Sunday, July 6, 2014

Exploration in the Columbia Gorge II Workshop

We were welcomed by cloudy skies and cool weather at Women's Forum Overlook, with changing light to the east but, luckily, no rain. We started with an introduction to the 3 stop graduated neutral density filter while using a tripod, and adjusting exposure to capture as much shadow detail as possible without clipping the highlights. A large barge heading east added to the tranquil scene.

Beautiful cloud forms in changing light. ©Andy Kaplan
With continued gray skies, we hiked to Walchella Falls. Hiking to an elevated area above the falls as an overview of this grand area, we tried different shutter speeds and exposures to vary how the falls changes character with different camera settings, smoothing or creating more texture of the water. We also moved in for closer views and perspectives.

Reviewing and discussing photos with Katrina and Andy at Elowah Falls. Thanks, Randy.
After lunch and a review session covering both exposure and composition, we spent the early evening hours at elegant Elowah Falls. The water level was lower, so we were able to photograph quite close to the falls, with green foregrounds of ferns and flowers.

Participant photos can be found here>