Monday, December 7, 2009

Oregon Coast Storm

With careful study of weather reports and satellite photos, it looked like there were would be a good opportunity for interesting storm photographs. Waves from the NW were reported in the 25-30 foot range. After the cold front, the clouds looked like they could be interesting.

On the way, my step-daughter called to let me know about elk that were just off Highway 101 near Cannon Beach. Always a joy to see.

A fleeting family portrait

After meeting her and the elk, the next stop was Hug Point. The waterfall there is very beautiful, but the tide was very high, and I thought it might be interesting to explore the falls from behind. It was a foaming, frothy area in front of the falls, with large logs being tossed about like toothpicks.

Hug Point waterfall at high tide

When the waves are this large, they break far offshore. In order to see them closer, deeper water near shore was a requirement. There is a beautiful spot south of Hug Point to observe and photograph, so I headed there. A squall was approaching, getting out there quickly was of the essence.

Large waves and approaching squall

The squall hit and I retreated to the woods until the rain, hail and wind passed. I returned and waited for the sun to make a brief appearance. It was getting close to sunset.

Sunshine, waves, and foam with the squall now retreating

The sun retreated behind the clouds of the next squall. Took some photos as darkness, rain and lightning approached. Made it back to the van just before serious rain fell. Some lightning was also present, but too random to photograph. Also better to be on the safe side.

Thundering waves in diminishing light

More Photos of this storm here>>

Hawthorne Bridge Fog

Returning from an early morning harpsichord tuning at the Oregon Symphony, I decided to take the longer way home along the Willamette River. Clearing fog, especially in the morning, is always a draw.

Didn't have my "big" camera stuff with me, but did have along my little 6mp Fuji. It was cold, but there were quite a few people enjoying a morning run, etc.

Changing fog and colors

Fog breaking through with geese

The Hawthorne Bridge is a great subject, and is a vital link across the Willamette River. Fun to walk or ride a bike across, it has been dangerous for more than one motorist!

Morning stroll on the bridge

The fog also created interesting reflections on some of the buildings downtown.

Reflections in black and white