Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Lovely Winter Oaks at Coyote Wall

After what seemed to be months confined in the city, a drive to a favorite place is always a welcome change, even for a few hours. In this mountain bike haven of Coyote Wall, this time of year one sees very few if any people here. While walking next to the great basalt wall, two men passed, staring in tandem at their cell phones. Later, one girl came by, walking down the trail, staring at her cell phone. Strange times.

Snow was lightly falling at times, and the creeks had some water in them, making for a nice atmosphere of tranquility. Wind can be fierce here, but today it was calm and serene. 

The trees are patiently waiting for spring, but their beauty is very fine in the depths of winter. As darkness approached, I soaked in the noble forms and scouted a few more prospects before the drive back.