Saturday, October 2, 2010

Olympic Beauty in Late Summer

Having a few days to explore some of my favorite haunts with favorable weather, Hurricane Ridge and Second Beach beckoned. Even though it's beautiful there at all times of the year, it's nice to have warm days and pleasant, unfettered hiking.

Fog surrounded the road up in the morning, ever changing the views to the east at Hurricane Ridge.

Looking toward Deer Park

The next evening brought a group of Mountain Goats, heading back to Klahanie Ridge. I gave them a wide berth. Three weeks later a hiker was gored by a billy not a mile from where this shot was taken.

Mountain Goats heading back

Second Beach has many moods. Sometimes it gray and windy, other times it provides quite a show. This evening was especially beautiful. Tide was coming back in and the sun was setting. I stayed late and had the beach to myself during a special time there.

Near sunset with wonderful blues and golds. Light behind lit the small rocks

During the entire time I photographed this famous sea stack, there was a Bald Eagle watching me from a high perch on the rock. He stayed there until after sunset.

Ever changing light and beauty at Second Beach

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