Sunday, March 20, 2011

Six Hours in the Gorge

The clouds are breaking in town, and a gap has opened for the small chance of interesting and dramatic light. The choice of where to go is always a gamble, tempered with observation. As I drive into the Gorge, more opportunity seems to be appearing further east, so Dog Mountain looks like a good place to start.

Beams of Light on the Columbia

Dog Creek Falls is one of my favorite places. Even though it is close to the highway, there is rarely anyone here. The few who do stop, generally don't linger long. The canyon is steep, with interesting trees and hawks and eagles nearby. Ospreys will be here soon.

Generous flow at Dog Creek Falls

After shooting here for some time, sunset is approaching as well as a large bank of clouds. Looks like a small clearing to the west is forming, so it's time to head west, with the large open area near Beacon Rock my destination. Strong, colorful light, as well as strong rain met me there.

Last Light near Beacon Rock

As the rain and light faded, other, more intimate shots drew my attention.

Evening light with flood waters, grass and beautiful light