Saturday, October 15, 2011

Oregon Coast Summer, 2011

After a long, wet, cool Spring, the summer this year was also on the cooler side. Coming to the coast and seeing the sun are two giant pluses. Clouds are also quite welcome, as they create a special drama and beauty. Here is a small sampling of two Oregon evenings this summer.

This first image was taken after a somewhat gray and drizzly day for the first summer workshop mentioned in the previous post. The sky began clearing just in time, opening up to a fabulous series of light and light changes.

Sunset approaches at Arcadia Beach

It was still quite beautiful nearly an hour later, with more blues and magentas reflecting off the beach with the outgoing tide. The cirrus clouds were also putting on quite a display.

Arcadia sea stack and last light

The evening before our next workshop in August, the sky was nearly clear. The light after sunset is again the attraction, here at Hug Point.

Warm glow of the Western skies, and blue from above light the water

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