Saturday, November 5, 2011

Olympic National Park, Klahhane Ridge

I always try to return to the Olympics in October. It's one of the most mist/fog/cloud filled times of the year. It's also not too cold (yet) and the snow just graces the upper peaks.

The clouds in the lower valley were very thick, so driving had to be at a slower pace, but I was greeted with clearing skies on arrival to Hurricane Ridge.

It was a wonderland of swirling clouds, light wind with occasional vistas peeking through. Just a few folks at the Ridge, unlike the hordes in the summer. The clouds continued to clear as I hiked towards Mt. Angeles. Unlike last year (see post), there were no deer or mountain goats around.

Rainbow light surrounds my shadow in the mist

The views from this area are some of the finest in the Olympics. Many of the Park's highland features are visible from this Ridge, with 360 degree views. Most of my shots in this post will concentrate on the variations as the sun set.

Looking back towards Mt. Carrie and Mt. Olympus

A close-up view of Mt. Olympus, later in the day, near sunset

A view of the ridge, The High Divide and beautiful evening clouds

Moon Glow and last light

It was a very slow decent driving down, as the fog was so thick at times I could only see the strip on the side of the road!