Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Waves and Weather at La Push II

The next day brought clearing weather and less wind. It was completely different there. Sun, then rain and wind. Often in spring we have rain cells with their strong vertical motion. It's a rarity to have lightning, but hail can be a factor.

 Later, towards evening, it seemed all the "best" clouds were to the south, and sometimes felt it might have been better to have gone to Second Beach. While mulling over a seemingly missed opportunity, a small sparrow landed not six feet away, and sang a most beautiful, complex song. He looked squarely at me, and flew away. It was very calming. I stood up and walked a few paces, and a bald eagle took to flight not ten feet away. We were both startled and he was enormous.

Clouds parted for a very calm and beautiful sunset.

 Contrast was lower now as the last of the light on the sea stacks so I stayed for this light, then headed back along the river and climbed the driftwood for a dark and quiet walk back on the beach.