Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Cape Kiwanda Beauty

Cape Kiwanda is a coastal oasis. Sandstone meets the sea. This visit was filled with discovery and explorations of areas both old and new. It is always possible to escape to areas few visit, the weather is usually quite beautiful, and the waves are magic.
Anemones in a tenuous position, waiting for the sea to return
 Despite the relatively calm winter, there had been a surprising amount of erosion of the sand, especially at the north side of the large sand hill. It's difficult to say, but I suspect the erosion is more due to the heavy use this park is subjected to every year. A number of trees in tenuous places last year had fallen downhill. We had virtually no rain this summer, so the sandstone was covered everywhere with guano, giving the rocks a whitish appearance.

Wave action after sunset
We had a very success time for our workshop here, and it was a pleasure to both teach and then return for time alone here. Had the whole area to myself and enjoyed the sea rushing in.

Sunset and sea approach this mussel lined channel
Often one is reminded of how brief we are here and how long geologic and biological changes have taken place on our beautiful planet. The next day, while exploring, I came across this section of rock.There were areas of charcoal clearly embedded in the sandstone in quite a few places.

My Firebird figure, with embedded charcoal
I look forward to my next visit, this time when the winter waves are really big!