Sunday, December 9, 2012

Brief Visit to Ecola and Hug Point

The first part of the afternoon was spent exploring Indian Beach at Ecola State Park with my step daughter Nadia and her partner Mike, including a hidden waterfall and an hike/overview of the steep and beautifully forested Tillamook Head.

With an incoming tide, Hug Point was the next destination. It rained most of the day, but cleared as evening approached. Unlike the many beach lovers in summer, it was serene, lovely and the falls had plenty of water.

 Especially this time of year, one has to be very careful of wave surge, particularly north of the falls. This is the first place to be inundated with waves. It was quite disconcerting, especially alone. 

Water moving in over the rocks, and my boots. 13 sec. exposure.
The top of falls is thoroughly safe, from the waves at least. A special place, with many places for the imagination to roam.

Heading south now after sunset, a parting shot of this lovely area.

 There are a number of small headlands between Hug Point Beach and Arch Cape. Beautiful confluences of basalt and sandstone is found here.