Saturday, January 16, 2010

Beginning Digital Photography Presentation at Intel

Portland Community College's Community Education has recently started a series of lunchtime program for Intel employees. I gave the inaugural lecture on using some more creative settings on your camera to control exposure and white balance.

That's yours truly in the distance

Initially, we thought their would be approximately 30-50 people interested. As the event neared, it appeared quite a few (well over 200) had added this talk to their calendar. The day before the talk, a timely decision was made to move this to a larger venue. I made a few changes to my presentation.

When the event began, there were ~40 people there. In another 5 minutes, another 150 people appeared! People were standing in the back. Total count was over 200.

The talk went well, with a very attentive group with questions and interest. It was a great way to start this series for PCC, and I enjoyed the interaction.

Looking foreword to my next lecture on Travel Photography in April.

Thanks to Shannon K. Phillips of Intel for the iPhone pics