Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A Photographers Dream : : Seal Rock State Park

Seal Rock State Park was made for photographers. There is something for just about everyone here. Soft sandstone banks in sharp relief with a long spine of basalt rock outcroppings. Rich with birds and sea lions offshore, there is much to take in. After viewing from a pleasant platform overlooking the north beach, a short walk to the south reveals the south beach and a large rock (Elephant Rock) with hundreds of birds nesting and soaring.

Clearing Fog and colorful Elephant Rock

Pigeon Guillemots love the sides of these rocks, and there were quite a large number of them resting. Their feet are especially colorful.

Pigeon Guillemots

The next day the north beach looked interesting to explore. It was a gray morning, but the sun made a most welcomed appearance and stayed for some hours. A rock shape in the beach had a strange human-like form.

Vague human rock form in the sand

A little further south, a nice pool was forming as the tide came in.

Looking north
In another tide pool just behind where the shot above was taken, a number of Guillemots were hanging out, so out comes the 300mm lens. Just as I was getting some settings ready, there was quite a sight, with two guillemots appearing to be sparring with each other. Although not ready, I managed to get a few photos. It was very interesting, and over in seconds.

Guillemots sparring